What is SimpleFi?
Making DeFi accessible to everyone since 2021!
SimpleFi is a one stop shop for all your DeFi needs. It helps you:
  • make decisions about what protocols and pools to invest in
  • track your profits (or losses 😬)
  • move your funds around
... all from a single interface!
The first part of the platform is an automatic ROI calculator that tracks your investment liquidity pools and yield farms, and breaks down the returns from each. Simply plug in your address and let SimpleFi do the rest.
We expect to launch a portfolio optimizer and a "beaming" service (which allows you to migrate funds easily from one investment to another) later in 2021.

How does SimpleFi work?

SimpleFi deconstructs your DeFi investments to show you not only what you’ve invested in, but also what your underlying investments are, and what your ROI is from each.
For example, our friend Alice has provided liquidity in the Uniswap Meta/wEth pool and then staked her LP tokens into the mStable yield farming contract. When she logs into SimpleFi, she sees the following information on her dashboard:
  • Her balance and ROI from the mStable yield farm
  • Her balance and ROI from the underlying Uniswap pool
  • The combined ROI from the mStable farm and the Uniswap pool
  • Her balance in Meta and wEth, as well as information on where those tokens are staked
At the core of SimpleFi is a “rewinder” function that scans Alice’s investments and then recursively deconstructs them to first find any underlying investments and tokens.
SimpleFi then recovers Alice’s entire transaction history and the historical prices and reserves of every one of her rewound investments and tokens. In Alice’s case, for example, SimpleFi will retrieve when she provided liquidity in the Uniswap pool, and what its reserves of Meta and Eth were at that time. The same for when she staked the LP tokens in the mStable farm.
Finally, SimpleFi calculates Alice's ROI from these different data sources and displays them on her dashboard.
Be like Alice!

Why can't I see some of my investments?

SimpleFi is still a prototype. We don't yet cover many DeFi protocols, but the list is growing:
  • Aave lending pools: USDC, USDT, Dai
  • Uniswap pools: MKR, BAL, Dai, MTA, REN, wBTC, MLN, BNT
  • Curve pools and reward gauges: sUSD, 3Pool, stEth, Aave, hBTC, sBTC
  • Lido: Eth2 staking
  • mStable: Earn pool 5 (MTA/wETH Uniswap farm)
  • 1Inch: governance staking
To send us requests and/or bug reports, please join our Telegram group or DM us on Twitter.

How much does it cost?

SimpleFi is a free service.

Are my funds at risk?

SimpleFi is non-custodial, meaning we don't hold or manage any of your funds. You don't even need to log in to access your dashboard: simply paste in an Ethereum address.